Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to your new PORCEGLAZE finish & VOID the warranty

There is a 48 hour waiting period waiting period before you can use your PORCEGLAZED bathtub sink or tiles. Your PORCEGLAZED fixture will reach its full cure within 14 – 18 days.

DO's and DO NOT's for Care and Maintenance

If you MUST use a bathmat. Bathmats create problems with the finish; they trap water between the coating and mat allowing minerals to eat away the coating. Eventually once the mat is removed from the tub the coating will pull up with the mat. It is recommended that a bath towel, or safety strips be used for your safety. Slip-X Safety Treads, 3M and Rubber Maid safety strips are recommended and may be purchased from any hardware store. Flowers, fish or other non-slip stick–ons are not recommended, as they are hard to keep clean and a source for infectious bacteria. If you must use a bathmat, you MUST remove it from the tub after EVERY USE.


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Should you damage your finish call for a spot repair immediately to prevent the area from degrading further. If any dust particles have accumulated on your new finish, DO NOT PICK AT IT, it will wear off with normal usage and cleaning.

DO NOT rest any soap, bottles, cans or wet clothes on the new coating, water will puddle and damage the finish. You can purchase wall mount caddies at Linens N Things or Bed, Bath and Beyond.

DO NOT use any abrasive cleaners such as Ajax, Comet, Bon Ami powders or Soft Scrub creme cleanser. If the cleanser comes out of the container like a creme or a powder, do NOT use it!

DO use off the shelf liquid cleaners such as Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol, Tough Act, Scrub Free, Fantastic, 409, Mr. Clean or any other cleaner that has the consistency of water and the label states safe for use on glazed fixtures. Make sure that the label states that the product is Safe for use on Painted Surfaces or that it does not contain an acid.

DO NOT use any type of paint cleaner, remover, stripper, any steel wool or razor blades to clean your new finish.

DO use recommended solvents to remove stubborn residue films caused by body oils, soap, shampoo, and bubble baths. With proper ventilation and personal respirator, use lacquer thinner or rubbing alcohol. They should be applied with a soft cloth, then wash with a liquid detergent, and then RINSE WELL.

DO NOT let children play with metal or hard plastic toys in the tub. They tend to hit them against the glazing over and over eventually chipping the tub. Use only rubber or soft plastic toys for playtime in the tub.

DO use Simonize or other crŹme car wax when blue copper or iron stains appear from hard water. Only use on stained areas. RINSE and DRY WELL and check for slipperiness before standing in tub.

Be sure faucets are tightly closed, that the shower pipe is drained after each use and that there is no pooling of water at the drain. Any drip that is not fixed or water that is allowed to pool will damage your coating and void the warranty.